"Book The Room"

‘Book The Room, Book the Role’ One-on-One Coaching Intensive

This goal-oriented coaching series targets YOUR specific needs, strengths and weaknesses with a highly specified attention to detail – something you simply cannot get in a large class situation.

You begin by learning my Ten Step Audition Prep Technique – taking you from the moment you get your audition notice to getting in your car after the audition. It is a holistic approach that covers gratitude and self-awareness as much as it prepares you to do a kick-ass read. The initial session is followed by a series of mock, self-tape auditions to help you build a strong habit of empowered, fully realized work.

And what IS the goal?

The goal is for you to have a tangible way to know that, with every audition, you are doing the best you can do, under whatever given circumstances.

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If you’ve ever felt:

  • Panicked by an audition notice

  • Overwhelmed by a scene

  • Worried you don’t have time to prep

  • Frustrated that you’re not booking

  • Unworthy sitting in the waiting room

  • Thrown off by a room full of producers

  • Irritated because you swear you were off book

  • Haunted by an ex-teacher’s bad technique

  • Annoyed that you can’t seem to level up

  • Ready to throw in the towel

  • OR… you simply don’t know what you don’t know and you want to take the guessing out of your audition prep and set yourself up for a WAY more satisfying career…

Then you need this intensive.

Note: This series is open to actors at every level of career, from co-star to series regular.

Contact me for a 10-minute complimentary Skype chat to assess your individual needs and get the ball rolling!