"When I started coaching with Courtney for every audition, I started getting callbacks, pins and bookings. She helped me book my first TV guest-starring role. She also taught me her “Book the Room” 10-step audition process which has helped me prepare to my fullest ability for each audition. Courtney is extremely specific as a coach and has found ways to get the best performance out of me in a loving and supportive, yet un-sugarcoated, way. I definitely owe a great deal of my drastically improved auditioning experience to her."
– Julia Morizawa (Scandal, SEAL Team)


"I am thrilled that I found Courtney. Her “Book the Room” program is a great tool to establish routines and accountability for audition preparation. Her approach takes all the stress out of auditioning, while creating characters/scenes that are organic and honest. She has such an arsenal of tools and techniques to break down any genre or material. While working with her, I grew as an actor and reconnected with the part of my artistry that I hadn’t found in class or auditions lately. I also coached with her and put together auditions and self-tapes that impressed my reps. Just working with her sent me into auditions with a positive, collaborative attitude. I’m not surprised that I had two theatrical bookings in a matter of weeks. Courtney is a truly supportive, thorough and fun coach, actress and artist.”
– Patrick Quinlan (Fresh Off the Boat, I’m Dying Up Here, 9-1-1)


“Courtney is an incredible teacher and audition coach. In the short amount of time we've worked together I've seen noticeable growth in my acting, auditioning skills, and self tapes. She's given me a tangible system to work through for every audition that I can rely on and focus on with confidence instead of just trying to manage my emotions and nerves. Every time we work together she surprises me by uncovering details and moments in the script that I didn't see or would usually gloss over.  And through consistent coaching, I have been able to develop the skill to begin seeing and uncovering them myself. Courtney has a great blend of empathy and tough love - not to mention she truly cares!”
– Anisha Adusumilli (NCIS: Los Angeles)


"Courtney is insightful, generous, smart and fun. Whenever I get coaching with her I not only am prepared, but I feel like I have someone rooting for me when I go to the audition. She at once gets what folks behind the camera are looking for while understanding what we, as actors, are experiencing. Yay Courtney! Thanks for all your magic!"
– Lisa Dring (Shameless, How to Get Away With Murder)


"Thank goodness for Courtney! Before I started working with her, I was all up in my head with auditioning. I had hit a wall and didn't know how to break it down. The minute I started working with Courtney it all became easier for me. I did her “Book the Room” audition intensive and it gave me a whole new freedom with auditioning. She is patient, kind and incredibly insightful, she sees those little specific clues in scripts that book you the job! I booked my first audition of 2019 shortly after I started coaching with her and this is just the beginning.”
– Cindy Chavez (GLOW)


"I highly recommend working with Courtney Cunningham for anyone looking to knock their auditions out of the park. Not only does Courtney have a naturally insightful, compassionate, and amazing sleuth-like ability to break down scripts and find the hidden “gems” within, she’s dedicated to seeing her clients perform at their absolute best. She gets equally as excited for any and all of your successes as you do! It’s a gift to have her on your team."
 – Laurel Harris (Valor, Devious Maids)


"I feel like a lot of coaches tend to strip you / your essence from the scene. They make it so technical that it’s not organic and looks and feels robotic but with Courtney she asks you what you specifically need help on and builds on what you’ve already created. She’s a great coach!"
– Shakira Ja’nai Paye (Modern Family, Future Man)


"Courtney Cunningham has a director’s eye and an actor’s heart. In private coaching sessions, she makes the most of the script while leaving space for your own creativity and a sense of play. After coaching with Courtney, I walk into the casting room feeling like I have made strong original choices. Her "Book the Room...Book the Role" technique has become my personal go-to prep for every audition I have. Most importantly, I feel like I'm truly respecting my dream. The guesswork and fear is gone. You'll want to work with this human."
– Rebekah Wiggins  (Preacher, War On Everyone)


"Coaching with Courtney feels like playtime. She knows just what to say to bring out all of your intuitive work, making your choices deeper and more personal, and by the end of your session you're ready to show your best work. When prepping my audition for  Longmire, I knew I had to coach with Courtney. She strengthened all the work I had already done, helping me not only to dig deeper into the character, but also to discover the fun in playing the scenes. And I booked it!"
 – Brian Houtz (For All Mankind, Game Shakers, Longmire)


“Let me tell you about Courtney. I absolutely love her. Found this gem in a free workshop a few years ago, and have loved her since. She’s a very honest and sweet coach. I absolutely trust her with any material I get. I’ve had several callbacks, producer sessions, pins and bookings since working with her. I refer plenty of my acting friends to her because I believe in Courtney that much. When ever I feel stuck or in my head, Courtney helps get me out of the funk. She’s very flexible and truly is amazing.”
– Melvin Diggs (The Orville, Lethal Weapon)


“Courtney is my go-to Audition Coach! With her expert guidance, I have booked roles on American Crime Story: People Vs. OJ Simpson, American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Fresh Off The Boat, The Orville, Justified and so many more. She has a great eye to make my choices even more specific and tailored to fit my essence. We also always rehearse numerous ways to do the scenes so I am ready for any re-directs in the room. My confidence is off the hook during auditions with so much expert help from Courtney.” 
– Arriane Alexander (I’m Dying Up Here, Fresh Off The Boat, American Crime Story)


“I feel like I usually do pretty well with auditions, but sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to really bring out the things you may have missed. That’s what Courtney does. Every time I have worked with her, she helps me find new ways of working the character, offers a different perspective and makes it a really enjoyable and rewarding experience all at the same time. If you want to take your auditions from good to great work with her...plus her dog is really cool.”  
– Johnny Rey Diaz (Queen of The South, Scorpion)


“Courtney is a fantastic coach. She always brings me back to my true self.  She helps me to trust in my choices and myself and to know that I am enough.  I feel more confident in my auditions and always high five myself first to celebrate them instead of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.”
– Jul Kohler (Actress, Dancer, Stunt Performer)